Web Launch 2016!

Gladys Creative Studio has been open for a year now, and finally, the guys got the courage to launch their beautiful web, along with their new identity. “The hole universe that we´ve created is a conjunction of abstract and not so abstract concepts we have been working with, during 2015” says Nacho Saurí, Creative & Editorial Director. “Not so long ago, we were not completely sure of wich direction we were taking, but now… WE ARE” adds Fer Travaglini, Creative and Motion Director, while pouring himself some coffee and little bit of rhum. “We wanted to make something huge. We were bored of our logo and the wordpress template we bought at the begining of 2015 was untouched. So we decided we should do both things at the same time. It took us a few weeks to get this done, but we finally… DID IT”. This is the result of such incredible effort. Enjoy it while you can, it won´t be long for the guys to get bored… again.